Session 12

Water Research Organisations Are They Need Based?Veena T1 and Vasanthalakshmi2
1 Department of Veterinary Physiology, Veterinary College
2 Department of Sericulture, Agriculture College, University of Agricultural Sciences, Hebbal, Bangalore 560 024, Karnataka, India
Phone No: 98450 30767

A survey was undertaken to study the pattern of distribution of Government as well as Non government organisations working in the areas of water research. Data on individuals and organisations working in various sectors of water research such as ground water recharge, rural water harvesting, watershed management, traditional practices of water harvesting and urban water harvesting etc was compiled. Non government organisations constituted a major category (60%) compared to government sectors (15%), academic institutes (20%) and individuals working at the grassroots levels (5%). Simultaneously based on the rainfall and temperature the states were classified into different categories and the functioning of organisations in these states were correlated.