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Session12: Integrated Management of Water Quality 
and Quantity with Ecosystem Approach 

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 Chairman: Dr. Tiina Noges

Rapporteur: Ahalya N

A Degrading Fragile Ecosystem in Panaji (Goa) A Case Study

Marieta Gomes


Panaji is the capital city of Goa state in India and the Santa Inez creek lies strategically in the heart of the city, as an inlet/outlet of river Mandovi. Even to this day, in its present natural form and course, the Santa Inez creek has been an important part of the history, geography, aesthetics and environment and ecology of Panaji. However, today, as one observes this important creek, it is sad to see the blatant damage caused and being caused to it by rapid population increase, accompanied by unplanned developmental works; and therefore a serious damage to nature/environment too. The state of the creek at present is indeed a health hazard and an eye sore in the capital city, a reckonable environmental problem to the fragile ecosystem of Panaji, Goa. This paper presents a study, which is a modest but a serious attempt to examine scientifically the extent of damage /contamination of the creek; to identify the causes of damage; to assess/analyse the environmental impacts of the contaminated creek; and to suggest suitable remedial measures for the maintenance, utilization and management of the creek.

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