Session 12

Water Management for Sustainable Development of Loktak LakeNg.Sanajaoba Meitei
Loktak Development Authority, Manipur.India.
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Past and increasing hydrological interventions in the drainage system and sectoral water management practices have drastically altered the water regime of Loktak & Associated Wetlands thereby severely affecting the environmental quality and depleting the water-related resources. Therefore it has become extremely essential to evolve and adopt an integrated water management approach in order to address multiple use issues and ensure sustainable development. As success of such a plan will require involvement of all the stakeholders and related agencies in the planning process, consultation and interaction with the stakeholders have been initiated to understand their aspirations and relationship vis a vis the lake system. Hydrological data collection works were taken up to establish the water balance, which is fundamental for effective management. Major water control facilities and hydrologic interventions both in the upstream and downstream in the basin drainage system have been assessed to understand their effects in the lake hydrology and ecosystem. Specific studies and surveys were also conducted to understand the relationship between phumdi (composed of vegetation, organic debris and silt), a critical ecosystem component, and the lake hydrology & hydraulics. Flood and Lake Sedimentation studies were given greater emphasis considering the socio economic and environmental concerns. Investigations revealed that there is a strong need to upgrade the operation schedules of the water control structures, regulate developmental and resource utilisation practices, control encroachment by agriculture & human settlement and improve the drainage system in order to rehabilitate the hydrological processes and bring forth a water management plan that is acceptable to all the stakeholders.