Short Term Courses
Western Ghats Biodiversity Information System
Capacity Enhancement programmme
(Short term course on Environmental Management)
This programme was conducted at Dharwad SDM College of Engineering and Technology. Twenty participants representing University, Government agencies (BWSSB), and NGO's participated in this programme. Resource person included Botany and Zoology department Karnataka University, National Institute of Technology Suratkal.
Venue: SDM College of Engineering & Technology, Dhavalagiri, Dharwad 580 002
Date:12th- 17th May 2003
12-05- 2003

Principles of environmental management - T.V. Ramachandra

Policies and legal aspect of environental management - Sudhira

Habitat management concepts - M.N. Madhyastha Urban environmental management - RD. Kanamadi Conflicts to consensus - M.N. Madhyastha
13-05- 2003

Overview of environmental impact assessment (EIA)- T.V. Ramachandra

Preparation and review of environmental impact assessment report - T.V. Ramachandra

Ecological footprints and environmental management - M.N. Madhyastha Remote sensing applications in environmental management - R. Nijagunappa Significance of biological organisms on environmental impact assessment and- management - M.N. Madhyastha
14-05- 2003

Environmental audit - Pallav

Life cycle assessment as EM tool    - N. Ahalya

Natural disaster management in India - Nijagunappa Plant diversity and conservation in western ghats - G.R Hegde Assessment and management of hazardous chemicals - H.S. Patil
15-05- 2003

Environmental management systems standards: ISO 14000 (EMS) - Pallav

Related issues in environmental management - N. Ahalya

Geology and coastal zone management - V.S. Hegde Environmental conservation of management - H.S. Patil

Case study of environmental pollution -
S.G. Joshi

Solid waste management - S.G. Joshi

16- 05- Environmental Economics - Sudhira Amphibians as bioindicators - K.V. Gururaja Environment Management in mining sector - A. Julka Earth quakes in South India and management - Nijagunappa
17-05- 2003 GIS and remote sensing in environmental management -
T.V. Ramachandra
Photo remediation vs bioremediation - N. Ahalya Modeling of land slide prone zone in western ghats - Pallav Julka Participants Presentation