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Introduction to Envis


To collect and supply information on "Western Ghats and Biological Diversity"
  • Creation of Website on "Western Ghats and Biological Diversity" with regional language interface
  • Monthly compilation of News Items on "Ecology, Environment, Western Ghats and Biological Diversity"
  • Identification of information/data gaps in the specified subject areas and action taken to fill these gaps.
  • Database creation on "Ecology, Environment, Western Ghats and Biological Diversity" to be put on website.
  • Contribution of news items for ENVIS newsletter on monthly basis
  • To establish and operate a distributed clearinghouse to answer and channel queries related to the allocated subject.
  • To establish linkages with information users, carriers and providers from among government, academia, business and Non Governmental Organisations including that with ENVIS.

The Node will have an information base that includes both descriptive information as well as numerical data. Descriptive information in the form of publications, reports, reprints and abstracts on Ecology, Environment, Western Ghats and Biological Diversity will be stored for dissemination. Numerical data will be collected, compiled, processed and analysed for the purpose of dissemination. The Node will develop a website and will feed the relevant data/information on the assigned subject area for wider dissemination to all concerned.

  1. The Node will have linkages with information sources in the country and abroad for increasing the information contents.

  2. The Node will supply information on the queries referred to it, to ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme, Central Government, Departments and Organisations, State Government Departments and Organisations, Scientific Institutions and Research Scientists in the country, in the form of copies of published reports, documents, abstracts and research papers.

  3. The Node will help ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme in gradually building up an inventory of information material. The Node would also supply information to ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme as required from time to time for the overall functioning and improvement of ENVIS.

  4. The Node will have a data bank containing data on selected parameters and its assigned subject area.

  5. The Node will identify data gaps and knowledge gaps in their subject areas and take action to fill these gaps.

  6. The Node will develop website and linkages with the existing ENVIS Centres and ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme.

  7. The Node will collect reports and journals etc. in its subject area for developing the requisite database.

  8. Node will work under overall supervision and control of ENVIS - Capacity Enhancement Programme Secretariat already set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.